Monday, January 05, 2009

So yeah, I started another one.

Yeah yeah, I can't even update this dirt stall consistently, and yet I can't stop making new commitments that I can't keep.

But who cares? It's for free anyway, and if it makes me happy, it's good enough.

Well, perhaps I may deposit my thoughts over there into the Scribblelog more often than into here, but that is if I am in the mood to scribble. Just keep your eyes sharp on here and there, people.

Monday, December 01, 2008

My eyes... my poor poor eyes...

And I never thought this will happen to me.

This, as in walking to the entrance to the door just to be greeted by the image of a fat lady donned only in a piece of towel looking shocked at the presence of an unsuspecting guy which is me. Stupid Chinese girlfriend of African housemate's who doesn't know what SHAME is.

I will have nightmares for this whole week. Especially when this whole week is one of the crappiest weeks for me due to it being stacked with a lot of difficulties. And especially when I don't have a bottle of bleach, nor can I unsee what has been seen.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Madagascar 2 Sucks? What?

I don't really get it.

No, more like, I don't really get why people don't really get it.

Madagascar 2 is awesome, even though I didn't get to watch the prequel. Why did they say it sucks?

The smooth plot, the jokes, the flair that makes the movie move, I enjoyed and savour down to the tiniest bits (aye, the penguins rock, good job soldiers). Is it really that hard to, well, enjoy it? If you'd ask, I actually preferred M2 over Wall-E.

Prior to the day I went to watch it, 2nd bro Cless called me to ask me out for a drink during the weekend. Well of course I had to turn it down, so I told him that I'm going to watch a movie. When he found out that I was watching M2, he commented that 'it wasn't that good'. Well, no offense 2nd bro if you're reading this, but I really felt a bit 'huhhhhh' when you reviewed it in such a not-so-convincing way. :|

Well, not only reviews from friends were like that (received some of that even after the show), the reception of the audience sitting around me and gang while in the cinema were what I describe as 'awkward'. We seem to be the only ones laughing at most of the jokes, which I think the only reason was because the audience couldn't understand what they signify. I think my laughter could be heard all over the silent box when King Julien made that infamous personafication in French (not a spoiler :D), and them people would be thinking what's this arsehole sitting in the front hole laughing at?

Maybe I'm a bit of an elitist if I put it in this way, but the majority of the local community has been suppressed from knowledge of how the world runs. Yeah, perhaps the Internet has changed the way we lived our lives, but at where I'm staying, there are still people who still does not know how to use Google. That's probably why international-level jokes ain't much of a popular thing here. Thank you, MoE, for making our kids all into Solid Frogs sneaking around in coconut shells.

Seriously people, M2's jokes ain't that hard to understand if you've done your homework (like finding out who's the late George Peppard, which is regrettably one of the jokes that I failed to comprehend until I went back to my PC and Googled), and the whole show ain't really that hard to be enjoyed. So people, do me a good favour and go watch it another time (had plans for that) before you start telling people that it sucks.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Was Twenty-Three

I was twenty-three when it all happened
the day Justice died and gone broken
faces on the streets and autumn gardens
none of which shown they weren't saddened

Alas, we were all tricked and betrayed
with our sense of direction was led astray
while the ones guilty laughed and play
and us the dying lot here could only pray

We have no option but to be brave
to defend the roads that we have paved
to fight and bring back what we could save
till the very end of our awaiting graves

Hear my plead, for the very least
for we must join our strengths and resist
together we must stop and slay the beast
that feeds off us greedily as it's feast

I was twenty-three when it all happened
the day Justice died and lay broken
but now, in the streets and autumn gardens
faces were no longer saddened, but hardened

For those who had sinned will surely pay
for their crimes that they've gotten away
while we will just laugh and say
They had finally met Judgment Day

We shall be rid of thieves and knaves
and seal them within the lion's cave
our children honouring the day we had saved
and flowers will lay on our heroes' graves

Hear me pray, for the very least
our future lays and live within our fists
For the day when the abusive cease
will be the day of long-lasting bliss

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Thin Fine Line of Racism

Define being a racist. Or rather, define NOT being a racist.

Yeah, that's the challenge I set for all of you who are reading it here. This is something that we cannot run away from, as unless you're a hermit or a hikikomori who refuses to step out from your safety circle to keep in touch in this world, you will always meet someone that does not belong to your race.

I live in a country called Malaysia, a place where multiple races (still attempting to) blend together and hang out with each other in order to achieve a display of feats that people of different racial backgrounds can mix with each other. Personally I don't think all of us are that open-minded, as I can sometimes hear from some of my fellow Chinese mates tagging the other races with not-so-pleasant names - though fortunately those narrow-minded people are just minorities. But I don't really care anyway, because what matters to me is what kind of a person you are, and not what colour your skin is.

There are people of different races whom I respected as well - The Buddha, Richard Feynmann, Charles Dickens, Morgan Freeman, King Abdullah II of Jordan, RPK etc. These individuals are people who possessed strong principles in their life, and taught me a lot of what it means to be a human in this life.

Personally, I disliked playing with the racism game, but there are times where I can't run away from being called a 'racist' person because of decisions that I have to make. Sharing an apartment on the same floor with 2 other African students has gave me some experience in that matter, as well as an issue that occured sometime ago when I had an ex-housemate (who also happened to be African) openly asking me 'Are you racist?' when I had to temporarily confiscate his properties because he couldn't clear off his rental debts to me. I had my duty to fulfill, and because of that I was tagged a 'racist'.

Let me get something straight about me - I'm not being mean to others because they are of a different race, but only because they are being complete jerks to me. And only jerks would go as low as to play with the racial card - calling others a 'racist' when they had been cornered by enforcement due to their own irresponsibilities and lack of morality.

Well, call me whatever you want, 'racist' or 'Nazi' or 'KKK', it doesn't escape the fact that those namecallers are a bunch of wussies who can't even defend their own rights. The racial card is only dealt when you demand for sympathy, but I don't sympathize jerks who were just asking for trouble.

In the same time, I'd like to convey my message to some of you political individuals in my country who had been playing with the racial card - how different are you from those jerks that I've encountered when you provoked our people with the racial issue? Unlike the others, personally I don't demand you to apologize, because I understand that jerks like you are immoral beings and immoral beings don't know what an 'apology' is. That's how hopeless you are.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


你骗人 你撒谎 你到处伤天害理
你有罪 说没罪 脸皮厚得像铜壁
可是你的心 司马昭都不够你
连盲人都看到 你心中那只鬼

遮来遮去 你怎样遮一点都不够
盖这盖那 都永远盖不完这丑陋
耍的把戏 只是个骗小孩的魔咒
也骗不过 你眼前这群食鬼野兽


你的心 有贼 有洗不净的霉味
你的眼 贱卑 有看不清的墨黑
再改再来过也 不能清除你的罪
除非替你啃噬了 你心里那只鬼

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Swirl of Dust (and maybe some ranting)

It's been a while. Been quite a while. I'm a lazy person when it comes to blogging. I don't have much to write other than, perhaps ranting on other's faults. Maybe because I don't love things enough, maybe I'm just a hypocrite writer, or maybe I'm just a hollow person deep inside me that I'm boring like a chalkless blackboard. Yeah maybe, possibilities up to infinity.

Well, my recent health downfall has brought me down to new lows - to a point where I felt I was breaking down physically and mentally. Had think of certain things around while I was stuck on the bed, things like the future (a bunch of noise), some weird and odd ideas out of 'creativity' (another bunch of noise but are regulars), and some memories (a bunch of forgotten noise that popped out of nowhere). I had been thinking of getting anew on this current lifestyle of mine and move on to a better one, and that includes (out of among the many things in my real life and what's not) the direction of this blog (thinking of maybe fixing my blog's URL and contents etc.) and what I want to do about this piece of crappy life I'm leading.

Well, this place is stagnant, so I guess it's time to make it flow a bit more. I had been much more deviant in the past (maybe I was naive and tried to be 'outspoken' at that time), but now I'm more silent nowadays because sometimes it's best (methinks) not to talk at all.


Oh yeah, the rant time.

Yeah, it's about you guys who DON'T know what a CINEMA is for.

A CINEMA is NOT a place for you to chat to your date/friends (and that includes explanation about the movie to that dumb date of yours). A CINEMA is NOT a place for you to chat to your phone either (and that includes when your mother calls). A CINEMA is NOT a place to show off your stupid ringtones repeatedly.

A CINEMA is a place for everyone who paid to watch a movie of their choice, in a wider screen and booming speaker systems, without much disturbance coming from everyone's cooperation so that everyone can have an enjoyable viewing experience. Anyone who's not going to a cinema for that sole reason SHOULD BE KICKED OUT, PREFERABLY BY A CERTAIN SPARTAN KING.


(Which also reminds me of that jerk who sat in front of me during 300 - guy was making stupid annoying sounds off the straw that he put in his mouth, and I have to tell him to knock it off.)

When will my fellow Malaysians ever learn to respect what a cinema is? That funny Digi ad with the 'ah beng' getting bashed after speaking so casually in the cinema, how many actually took it in heart as a lesson? Sadly and ultimately ironic, there are people who ignored the message within.

I'm going to report the next person who offends me in the cinema to the authorities that he or she is SUSPECTED OF FILMING THE SHOW ILLEGALLY. And I WILL DO IT THE NEXT TIME I GO THERE IF SOMEONE DISTURBS ME WITH STUPID WAYS IN THE CINEMA.

So to you who see this and will appear at whichever cinema I will be attending, please do this before entering the cinema :-

- Throw away your stupid phone, which you don't know how to put it to silent or off mode, into the dustbin.

- Throw away your dumb date or friends, who does not know how to watch the movie by him/herself and understand it by his/her own, into the dustbin.

- Throw away your tongue after cutting it, if you don't know how to shut your traps in the cinema, into the dustbin.

Else you better pray you do not bump into me when you commit your stupid deeds in the cinema.